Abortion has been a readily available part of our culture since it’s legalization in 1973. Since that time, statistics estimate that close to 43% (1 out of 3) women of childbearing age have experienced an abortion. These women (family and friends) carry an incredible burden of silence and heartache and many feel they are not allowed to talk about their abortion experience, especially in church.

If you feel that you have never completely healed or recovered from your abortion experience, or that a past abortion may be affecting your current quality of life, then the Surrendering the Secret study is for you. This study offers an 8 step healing model and is led by women who have been where you are. Our mission is to provide a supportive and confidential environment that facilitates forgiveness, healing and restoration from a past abortion, as well as bringing a sense of hope and purpose for the future. If abortion has been a part of your life (or part of someone’s life who is close to you) this Bible study will offer comfort and healing.

To join this Bible study, please contact one of our study leaders. They can be reached as follows: Debbie Rose (765-288-7504) or Sandy Howell (765-623-9610).

Surrendering the Secret Overview Video

Study Leader’s Mission & Purpose for Surrendering the Secret

Listed below is the study leader’s mission and purpose for leading this study. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us in healing from past abortion hurts.

As Christian women:

  1. We willingly place ourselves under the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and the leadership of Westminster Presbyterian Church.
  2. We are willing to facilitate this study by ministering love and encouragement to post-abortive women. Also, this study is also for women who have a passion to support friends or loved ones who have had or are presently dealing with post-abortive stress.
  3. We are willing to walk with these ladies in this bible study as they learn the truth about abortion and the healing that can come from Surrendering the Secret.
  4. We realize that this healing comes only from the Lord as the Holy Spirit ministers through God’s word. The goal is that the ladies will experience healing and set free. We also acknowledge that each lady will address/or not be able to address all the dynamics of this study, but we pray it will be a beginning to experiencing Freedom in Christ.
Leader Testimonies
Sandy Howell

I have been a Christian for many years, accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was about 16 years old. Through the years I have always loved the Church and my church family.  I have experienced many blessings from the Lord.  He has also brought me through many trials and disappointments that is common in life.  When Pat Layton came to Muncie last October, she was asked “What does it take to be a leader for “Surrendering the Secret”.  Her answer was “to love God and to love women.”  Although I have never experienced having an abortion, I do love God and love women, especially women who are burdened and hurting.  We all are broken in some way and have secrets in our closets that we don’t want others to know.  In my walk with the Lord over the years, I have experienced being “set free.” Not from abortion but from other issues.  As the Lord leads, I am willing to walk beside these precious ladies in this most difficult walk to a place of healing.  We serve an awesome God.  He desires his children to be made whole and complete to be the people He created them to be for His Glory.

– Sandy

Debbie Rose

I had a secret. I kept it for many years.  I didn’t feel I could share it, didn’t feel that anyone would understand.  If exposed, I felt I would be scorned and rejected.  The pain of guilt and un-forgiveness became unbearable and I joined a group of women in a Bible study. Some of the women had experienced abortion and some had other wounds.  Together we searched the scriptures and talked about our abortion experience and the life we led during that time.  There was no scorn or rejection in God’s word or from the other women.  There was safety, love, forgiveness and healing. I also shared my experience with my church and received much love and compassion. I found that many years ago forgiveness was offered when I asked for it. I felt I could not accept it then, that I was undeserving.  I know now that it is a free gift from God paid for by Jesus. I hope to share my experience and this free gift to others who take Surrendering the Secret.

– Debbie

How to Join Surrendering the Secret

To join this Bible study, please contact one of our study leaders. They can be reached as follows: Debbie Rose (765-288-7504) or Sandy Howell (765-623-9610).

You can also contact the office online by clicking here.